Doom combat in a Far Cry open world... with Mass Effect driving

User Rating: 7 | RAGE 2 PC

The Gamespot review, which apparently only has 12 hours of game time, is no where near enough to see everything this game has to offer. I spent over double that in this open world, unlocking most of the various abilities/powers, weapons and vehicles. That is important, because this game gets seriously fun once you get the Slam power, the rocket launcher and the Icarus vehicle (which finally lets you fly around the map rather than drive across it). Yes, it sucks you have to explore a bit to find these things (although I guess if you knew where they were before hand you could beeline straight to them), but the gameplay completely changes for the better when you do.

The driving mechanics is one of the worst I've ever seen in an open world game - the cars in Rage 2 all feel like the Mako from the first Mass Effect game and even worse than the Batmobile from Arkham Knight. It's especially weird since the driving in the first Rage game was a lot better than this.

Still the combat, Courtesy of iD, is super fun. It plays pretty much exactly like Doom 2016, which is fantastic - especially since the game rewards you for getting up close and playing dirty since dead enemies spew health at you.

Stability (PC version) is a little mixed. A few crashes here and there, but nothing unusual. Frame rates were fine on my RTX 2060 with Ultra settings. All keys can be rebound for left-handers. The game is too easy for experienced players on "Normal" mode so I recommend trying higher difficulty levels.

Overall, if you enjoyed the combat in Doom 2016, love open world games with plenty of busy work (like Far Cry), and can get past possibly the worst driving mechanics in the last decade, then there is a lot to like here. You should get at least 20-30 hours to experience everything.