Rage 2 is fun. But, renting it is better than buying at an full price.

User Rating: 6 | RAGE 2 PS4

What's up, gamers? I'm reviewing Rage 2 for PS4 & got the chance to complete it last week. The game took me nearly 12 hours & only did 21 side missions. I haven't play the first "Rage" game. Therefore I don't know how good or bad it is. Speaking of which, is Rage 2 alright or boring?


+The game isn't huge like other open world games (The Legend Of Zelda: B.O.T.W., Horizon Zero Dawn, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt & etc).

+It didn't crashed on me NOT once & that's always an positive sign.

+Side missions are simple, quick & doesn't overstay it's welcome

+Story/plot is simple.................sort of

+Gameplay can be fun, but......


-Gameplay can bore players to the point of falling asleep

-Story/plot is weak

-Graphics are bad

-Enemy A.I. are pushovers

-Special abilities are more negatives than positives

-Recycling boss fights

-Driving vehicles are super stiff

-Create a character is super limited & screams out loud of "Dragon Age 2" nonsense.

Look, I want to give this game an positive review. Plus, I'm over the moon happy that game is short. But, anytime the game makes you sleepy, soft enemy a.i.'s, bad graphics, super stiff driving mechanics in vehicles, cheap a.i. in racing missions, forgettable characters, struggling with what the game wants to be (Is it Wolfenstein, Doom, Mass Effect Mad Max or what), that's what you'll get with Rage 2. Thank you for reading & keep on gaming!