Rage 2 Game Breaking Bugs AVOID!

User Rating: 1 | RAGE 2 PC

I liked this game, up until it broke. I started the mission Beneath The Surface and everything went to hell. I ran to get through the doors that close at the start of the titan mutant making facility. I got stuck between them. Then the game glitched and I got stuck under the facility. Somehow I managed to get back up after a long time trying to get unstuck. I then completed the mission, but because I missed the story line of the guy flying away on the hover copter getting killed by the authority boss it didn't count it and wanted me to get the core again. Only the lasers are destroyed now permanently and I can't get past the grabbing of the core and then getting stuck in that room. Where was the beta testing that should have discovered these bugs and fixed them??? Many people are complaining they fell through the floor and got stuck under the facility and that the facility causes other game breaking bugs as well. I tried leaving and coming back, going and doing another mission then coming back, abandon mission then retry, nothing works. I'M VERY DISAPPOINTED! Poor beta testing screwed me and countless others over, shame on you Bethesda! DO NOT PLAY OR SUPPORT THIS GAME OR BETHESDA, EVER!!!

Update: Update 1 patch doesn't fix issue all saves bad no way to play or move forward in game still, devs are crack heads