Overhyped much?

User Rating: 6 | RAGE 2 PC

I always love it when these studio games turn out to be overhyped crap. Since 2 weeks ago anywhere I turn on gamespot therell be some Rage 2 hype. Almost no matter what you search for on the site Rage 2 always shows up first in the search results (ikik bottomless pathetic and a big **** YOU to all us users of this site...). So I started wondering "Is this game as good as Im being led to have the impression of or is it just another one of those overhyped pieces of shit that some studio is trying to trick us into buying before we catch on to them about how ridiculously horrible and sad the shit theyve been working on is.". That is why Im pleased to say I havent played nor seen as much as 1 second of gameplay, yet Im 100% sure its just another piece of shit from some studio who were pleased about their sales projections. Cause it has 6/10 here on gamespot now... Lol just another piece of shit were gonna have to have shoved down our throats over the next weeks even thought every one of us knows theres only a handful of ppl playing this piece of shit. Marketing ftw huh!? F pathetic... You search for "prehistoric 2" and voila, Rage 2! Id laught my ass off at the feeble attempts to wrap their shit in nice packaging if it wasnt for the fact that theyre distrupting search results with their payed search hits. And gamespot is putting their middle finger into our noses by letting them product-place. So f pathetic its sad... Oh and since I have to rate it I gave it the same rating as the average, 6. Which is quite the accomplishment considering ppl mostly choose to take the time and rate something theyre satisfied with rather than using that same time to complain. Meaning most ratings will tend to be on the 7-10 side. Thats right, an over hyped piece of shit game called Rage 2 managed, after being painfully overhyped to still get the laughable score of 6/10. But rest assured everyone! In just a couple of weeks the whole cycle starts again when we all know, and I mean every single one of us when I say all, thats right Im speaking for everyone now, we all know its some UTTERLY RETARDED game, we all reflect it in the rating. And still well have to navigate through tons of SHIT we know are pathetic hypehypehype... The state of gaming these days, welcome!