A Suikoden III clone!

User Rating: 9 | Radiata Stories PS2
This game has one of the largest list of playable characters of any game I have ever seen, almost any character you meet can join your party. It has more then one ending and The general pay off for play is pretty interesting as a whole. You can follow any character you encounter in the game through out the city during the day and night and see were they spend there time all day long. The characters also say something different to you depending on were they are. As you befriend and meet more characters who would not mind being in your group you are then capable of getting others to join you if there in your group or any other number of suggested things. The interaction with the other characters in this game is a big jewel of this game. But the game play and over all content and feel is also a big plus, the art style is great and seems to lend to the developer trying to get the most out of the game. I would greatly recommend this game to any player who likes story and development during play. Because growth and characters you make friends with and a number of other things affect players you can party with along with a number of other things Its a great take as a whole to how you might enjoy the game.