A true innovation. Something for all rpg games to live up to.

User Rating: 9 | Radiata Stories PS2
Radiata stories would have to be one of the most immersive rpg games on the market with the ability of recruiting no less than 177 characters to aid you it has a few features which are true revelations in terms of gameplay.

with a split mid story players not only get a real feel for how the world of tottaus works but gets to experience both sides of a great storyline. also the subtle comedy introduced into the game at regular intervals complements a refreshingly emotionally light story.

Usually a fan of games with truly heart wrenching stories i was actually very surprised by the affinity this game gives you for the main characters. Even with a few laughs the game manages to pull off it's 'save the world' plot admirably allowing you to be both a hero and a normal if rather silly kid.

Probably the best parts of this game are the huge amount of easter eggs from other square enix titles such as VP:Silmeria and Star Ocean:TtEoT and (even as a FF fan) it is good that they have not really added to many cliched FF references.

All in all this is a game that SquareEnix should look to with pride and i believe should try to follow on with. As with valkyrie profile this game feels both new and special and would be a perfect replacement for the rather stale Final Fantasy series.