This game is a breath of fresh air for RPG fans. Contains some spoilers.

User Rating: 9.5 | Radiant Historia DS
I beat this game last week and I have to say I really enjoyed this game. Radiant Historia is about a Alistel soldier named Stocke who one day with his companions Rainey and Marco sees a glimpse into the future showing Rainey and Marco dead. Stocke is then guided by Teo and Lippti to right the wrongs of his actions in time and save the world from a mad scientist called Heiss. In this game, your choice in the words in the cutscene affects how the story progresses. If you choose the right choice, story continues, but if you choose wrong choice, game over :(. If you get a game over, you have to restart the entire sequence of events to get the right choice to continue the story. Also this game requires you to do the sidequests to get the good ending. You also get good skills and special weapons and armor if you do the sidequests. All righ onto the aspects of the game. The gameplay in this game is fantastic and very addicting. The combat features the enemies on a 3x3 grid. The damage from the enemies comes from where they are on the grid. If they are in the far back, then they won't do as much damage to you however you won't do as much damage to them unless if you use magic to damage them. The magic spells have a certain attack range and parameter that can hit multiple enemies in that parameter. You can also use attacks to bunch up enemies together to do damage to all of the enemies bunched up to make your life easier. It's really cool. The characters in this games are great. I liked all of the characters and their backgrounds. It's a bit unravelling when Stocke is Ernst, Eruca's older brother who disappeared long ago. The characters appear in different orders in both the Alternative and Standard History. Oh by the way, there are two stories you basically do in this game. Standard History is the main story of the game and the Alternative History is the secondary story when Stocke changes the course of time. Alternative History is linked to Standard History just so you know. To complete the main story and sidequests, you have to do a lot of time travelling. It can be a pain the rear, but it's well rewarding. The soundtrack in this game is pretty good. My favorite music is the music when Stocke is in the presence of Teo and Lippti. The music for that scenario was really calming. The music for the other places was well done and I give Atlus credit for doing a great job. So anyway, this is a Nintendo DS game that you MUST play!