The REAL sequel to Chrono Trigger in the true route in history :P, and like Chrono Trigger, it is simply spectacular.

User Rating: 9.5 | Radiant Historia DS
Outside of the different story line and characters, Radiant Historia feels like an improved and new version of Chrono Trigger. Chrono Trigger was known for a great story line, fun battle system, interesting characters, and other features which Radiant Historia shares and improves. Some question how Chrono Trigger can be improved, but this game offers answers, as the battle system is no longer repetitive, as each battle is unique and requires a form of strategy. The attacks each of the many characters learn all provide the player the ability to manipulate the battle field and build up combos that increase the strength of the attack (I think lol) but most importantly, allow you to remove multiple enemies at once and add bonuses to both the experience and gold obtained from each battle. If the game was played without thought, the player would easily be pummeled by the average enemy, as they will gang up on the player and quickly eradicate your team. Thus, thought and strategy is of most importance. Also, because of the bonuses in both gold and experience, I never once had to grind for either strength or money. Every boss is tricky and thus, exciting and fun to fight.

The music, like in Chrono Trigger, is great and helps set the mood and maintain interest. Graphics are no different, for each scene is beautifully made, and important characters are given portraits that appear when the said characters speak. This helps the player learn of the characters as well as make them memorable to the player.

The one thing I can find that Chrono Trigger is superior is in the first two supporting characters. Marle and Lucca were unique and incredibly interesting, whereas Marco and the other (see, the name escapes me) aren't as memorable, even though the game does try to give them depth.

The greatest improvement though is the ability to move across time. In Chrono Trigger, change in time was like walking into a different room. Interesting but the same each time. In Radiant Historia, you can warp into different parts of the very plot, allowing you to remake decisions. This very thing though makes the plot more like a puzzle as it is impossible to simply "walk straight" to the end. One must jump across time, finding clues or meeting individuals that will change outcomes in history and allow you to move on. In general, there is the Standard History and the Alternate history, and in both, there are times where one cannot continue without visiting the other. Even though it may be tricky at times, the game does such a great job with this that the player never feels lost or annoyed.

In the conclusion, the game in incredible. Forget the 3DS and enjoy the majestic games of the DS. Though your experience will be unique to mine, I'm certain that our conclusions won't differ, as the greatness of the game in the only possible outcome in any history. lol
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