If you're looking for a RPG with a solid story, killer battle system and lots of fun this is the game for you!

User Rating: 9 | Radiant Historia DS
Radiant historia is an exciting game that will have you playing over and over until you find the right future. sounds fun, it is. The story revolves around our hero stocke who has the power to travel in time with the help of the white chronicle. Now he's job is to find the "true" history but i will not spoil t for you.

>>Strengths of the game

-BATTLE SYSTEM: It has a cool battle system that will let you take full advantage of your skills, it's a breath of fresh air for the turn-base battle system

-STORY: Like I said the story will suck you in and will have you playing for hours. Again another good RPG story with a twist.

-GRAPHICS: well for me it's okay I've seen better graphics but radiant historia has a cool mixture of 3D and 2D and it has some awesome artwork.

-CHARACTERS: well in a good RPG theres always great characters. The characters have great personalities that gives the story more depth.

>>Weakness of the game

-BACK-TRACKING: it's a time travelling story so you may get a little frustrated repeating some parts of the story

-LIMITED THINGS TO DO: the game has few other stuffs you can do (Side-quest,mini games, etc.)


-9 out of 10 bottom line play this game! if you want a greatR PG experience