Two Way Blast

User Rating: 8 | radiangames Crossfire X360

This game is another part of the Radian shump series and this game is probably my favorate one. There really isn't a lot for me to say, it's basically a retro style shooter similar to the fachion of "Space Invaders".

The graphics I think are great, it's a neon light style that is used in games "Pac Man DX" and "Frogger Hyper Edition". It's very colorful, destroying the enimies looks beautiful it's like watching a fireworks show. I even like how each of the enimies are animated, there is a great variety of them, each of them are unique have their own specialties. Music is also good, despite only one track I thought it was fun and fit the games atmosphere.

However what makes this game stand out is in it's gameplay, which is pretty basic but that makes it all the better. Just like in "Space Invaders" you move your ship left and right. However there is an abilty you have that gives you a slight advantage over your enimies. Your able to switch from top to bottom at will, so you can blast your enimies when their not looking or have another way to avoid bullets coming your way. It might seem a little awkward at first, since your shooting in a downward direction once you switch to the top but you get use to it and will be an ace in no time.

You also have another ability which is a power weapon which can destroy a formation of enimies quicker and stronger, but there is a catch to it. The power weapon runs on a gauge that you have to fill by the amount of enimies you kill, when their destroyed they emit a energy source which fills it, but that gauge can run out quickly depending on how long you use the weapon and it can go straight back to zero. So use it sparingly and try not to get hit.

You also have a couple of other gauges, one which is to power up your primary weapon and another to speed up your ship, each filled with power ups you collect. This isn't anything special but that was a feature I just wanted to point out.

Each of the stages are different, the enimes go into different formation and opporate at different speeds. And also each consist of all different types of enimes as you get further. So, there is plenty of variety and there all really quick since there are faster ways to win for each of them, making it even more fun as you find those ways.

Well, that's all I can say, this game is a two way blast.