So Rad its Radical

User Rating: 8.9 | Rad Racer NES
I think this has to be the best NES racer I have played. Rad Racer Plays really well and controls perfectly using a Advantage Joystick. You can choose between two cool cars, which are a Ferrari type car and a F1 racer. With about 8 levels which each last long enough for you stay playing it will last a while. The other cars on the road can be annoying and are diffucult to pass in the later levels, but this just adds to the challenge. One of the best bits is if you press select it has 3D galsses mode! How many games have that!? Pure Genius. The sense of speed makes it feel like you are actully doing the speed on the dashboard thingy.
If you have a NES and like driving games and don't already have this then buy it if you can.