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User Rating: 10 | Rad Racer NES
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Name: Rad Racer

Platforms this game is available on: NES

Platform that this game is being reviewed on: NES

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: SquareSoft

Genre: Racing

Difficulty: Easy

Learning Curve: 5 Minutes

Number of Players: 1 (Can't remember if it was a 2 player)

Online Players: 0

Online Modes: None

Offline Modes: StoryMode

Release Date: 1987

ESRB Rating: No Rating

ESRB Description: Not Rated

Score: 10 out of 10

Game Price
Price Used: $.79 (www.amazon.com)
Price New: $12.50 (www.amazon.com)

Is there a Game Guide Book Available: No
Price Used:
Price New:

Boy, what is there to say about this game that hasn't been said? This game is totaly awesome it's so easy and fun. It doesn't really upset you unless you get pissed off easily. The Controls are very Easy A to accelerate or B to brake. It's just that easy, During the game you'll need to make it to certain power ups so you can continue. If you don't than it's game over. The Crashes are commical you can touch a enemy car just alittle and you'll go flying up into the air and do 3 total barrel rolls if I remember right. Now you have a choice of two different cars, I don't think they had names I remember one was a Red Sports car and the other was a yellow F1 Racer. Also, if I remember right I may be wrong (Yes I can admit when I'm wrong) but I think you may be able to change the song that plays if it isn't this one it's Rad Racer 2. Another thing I loved about this game was each game came with a 3D pair of glasses, so when you had them on and you pushed select you would get this awesome 3D action. Which really made the game awesome. So all in all for it being a flawless game it gets a 10 out of 10 how Rad is that? Also this game wasn't Rated. The Last thing I'll mention is the picture on the cover was Pixelated how cool is that?