One of the best early racers, and it came from Squaresoft!

User Rating: 9.1 | Rad Racer NES
A game by Square that isn't RPG based? Yep it happend and it is called Rad Racer, one of the best early racing games for the NES.

Graphics: For 1987, I beleive that there are fantastic. There is limited slow down when two or more cars get on screen, and sometimes the other cars flicker, but these are just minor problems. The car crash animations are interesting, although in real life i'm sure your car wouldn't just wreck and float back onto the road but...HEY its a video game. Also the game came with 3-D glasses. Press select to activate the 3-D mode.

Sound: Once again great for the age of the game. You could pick from several songs, much like in Outrun, except in this game you can change them on the fly by using the control pad. I must say the car sound does get a little annoying.

Gameplay: Not much to it. You drive your car or racer through the tracks. If you run out of time, your car gets a little life with its forward momentum, but unless you are incredible close to the finishline its pretty much over. Checkpoints are placed throughout the course to add more time however.

Fun: Addictave....i played it for years attempting to beat my best times...i'm sure i'm not the only one either. Pure midless fun!

Overall: Solid ebay purchase here! Buy it if you are an avid game collector!