Shiny Simulates A Copter game!

User Rating: 8 | R.C. Stunt Copter (The White Label) PS
RC Stunt Copter is a game made by Shiny(masters behind Earthworm Jim) and it delivers great gameplay and control schemes.

Cool Stuff in Stunt Copter:
There are missions in RC Stunt Copter that are intersting and hard to master at the same time. Stunt Copter is a game where players might be like "Maybe I should give this another go". The levels in RC Stunt Copter are very cartoony like for example saving toys and putting it into a big box, a museum with mummies walking by, a carnival where a dinosaur appears roaring through the huge gate. Missions in Stunt Copter are usually shooting baloons, saving objects from falling, performing insane stunts and loads more. The songs in RC Stunt Copter come from different Shiny games. Some tracks are from earthworm Jim 1 & 2, MDK and even Johhny Nash's I Can see Clearly Now. I found that pretty weird for a cartoony game. There are also cool secrets in the game and bonus levels like The Ruins where the player must fly through pillars and a tree where you must land in a birds nest. Bad stuff in RC Stunt Copter:
Players will recognize the menu's glitch as it says "0.0092" on the bottom right screen. The graphics are very buggy and polsih is not good at all. It's quite annoying hearing tghe annoucer say "You Suck!" as you fail a certain task over and over. The music tracks are not as clear as the original Shiny games. More copters should have been available.

For simulator fans I suggest you should try out RC Stunt Copter. Its a game that has great controls that you dont wanna miss!