i'd rather play the EGA

User Rating: 5.5 | Quest For Glory II: Trial By Fire (VGA Version) PC
i appreciate the devoted fans' efforts into making this game, but whenever i play it, it seems somewhat... lacking. it doesnt have the same feeling of satisfaction i get when i play the original QFGII, maybe simply because it was made officially by Sierra back in its heyday.

its as if they tried too hard... its as if there was never a reason to try and remake this game in the first place, in a zero-budget fanmade style. why bother? they tried to make it like qfgiii but once again, it doesnt measure up. the original just FEELS better because it has the official-release polish that this game doesnt.

it might work for someone whos never played qfg2 and hasnt experienced the original with the text parser style... but i doubt theres anyone that fits that demographic. A for the effort, and sadly, a C- for the result.