This game can be the biggest headache or greatest blisss of all adventure games.

User Rating: 8.7 | Quest For Glory II: Trial By Fire PC
The number one thing to ask when talking about this game is "Can You Spell?" Because the commands in this game must be written, thats right, WRITTEN, and of course, spelled correclty. This aspect of the game annoyed me to no end, as not only could i not spell correctly, but i also used synonyms that the game could not understand. For example, when i said "Check" near a dead body, the game did not understand that i wished to "Search" the corpse.

The graphics, look a lot less then Quest for Glory 1, but are still good enough to make the game playable, While the sound is much more dissapointing, consisting mainly of computer beeping sounds and what not. The game will give you some good play time, however, as its difficulty and immerseness will keep you playing for a long time.

Finding the right words, and the right skills make this game a hard game to do, but one of the most interesting aspects in the game is the character creation, where your once brilliant character from Quest for Glory 1 can now be imported to Quest for Glory 2, which means you can start the game with an aweseome character.

Also note that if you dont import your character from Quest for Glory 1, this game is HARD, as fighting in the very begginging with your weak "new" character proves to be suicideal. Also, this game has one of the most infuriating "Corridor" system, where it seems like you are traveling in circles among hallways that all look alike.

Thankfully, Sierra has negated running in annoying look a like hallways for days by adding a map and compass, but before aquiring these items, the game can give you a headache trying to get to the right area. The story of the game leaves off from the first game, Your hero, who has freed the town Spielberg has lifted this terrible curse from the land, and, if done correctly, has freed both the son and daughter of the baron, as well as destoryed the evil witch Baba Yaga (if i remember her name correctly). So after your hero has done all this work, he sails on a magic carpet to a far away desert that is mentioned by a drunk in the inn of the first game. When you get there, your smack dab in the middle of the bazzar, and the game basicly tells you to just "go with it", and doesnt have a tutorial of sorts. From there, feel free to go wherever you like and do what you want.

Eventually, assuming your character doesnt fall to the Millions of "Death Fates" within the game, he will ride a caravan, that gets over run, to this far away dark city. The first time i played this game, i could not reach this city for the life of me, and eventually, with a little help from a stratagy guide, i got to travel to this strange area. Here, you can help people escape the city, and you have to work to steal this one statue from the leader of this city.

This is where the game gets strage, and if you are not playing a thief, i guess your out of luck, because you need to flawlessly steal this statue, and then get caught. Why you cannot just get caught stealing the statue is a mystery to me. But once you give the statue to a shady character who askes for it, you are stipped of all your possessions and thrown in jail, but this time, jail is not your "Death Fate". Apparently they didnt take a pin from you, which you can use to pick the lock, that is, if you CAN pick locks, otherwise, i dont know how to help you, just replay the game as a theif.

So now you got an entire city after you, and this is where the game gets to ungodly difficulty. Why do i say this? Because even with a stratagy guide, i could not figure out what to do, and eventually resorted to just using some programming skills to get my character to the final part of the game.

The final part of the game is weird, and reqires you to make some wishes from a genie, and defeat a guy before he summons a demon, i think. Anyway, a quick dagger throw thwarts his plans, assuming you can throw daggers because your a theif, and you save this dark city. The ending is weird and it sucks, but somehow relates to how your hero ends up in the harsh jungles of Quest for Glory 3.