Even with it's conventional gameplay, Quantum of Solace is still quite fun for a movie-to-game adaptation.

User Rating: 7 | 007: Quantum of Solace X360
James Bond as a game series has been high and low. Some games exhibit greatness while others feel flat and dull. Quantum of Solace falls in between both.

Quantum of Solace is mostly based off of the movie from which it takes it name from with some bits of Casino Royale thrown in. In my opinion Quantum was one of the weaker stories of the James Bond universe and here it's really no different. Likenesses of familiar actors such as Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, and Eva Green. Their voice talents also do enough to make you feel you are really in Bond's world. The game offers up some nice weaponry and also has a cover system which is nice to see this day and age with the slew of First Person Shooters out there. Some missions require stealth, which add a nice touch to change up the conventional FPS mechanics of the game. You are able to silence your main weapon, the PP7, as well as do silent take downs. All these little additions are nice and work for the most part to make Quantum slightly different from the rest of the pack. The inclusion of annoying quick time events, however, do little but add frustration when you miss the correct button flashing on your screen

The sad part is the story ends so fast, you'll actually think there is more to the game when the credits roll. The single player game will take roughly 5 hours to complete and there really is no reason to pick it up again unless you want to scour the levels for all the cell phone collectibles and Difficulty based achievements/trophies.

The main thrill of the game is actually in the multiplayer. Surprisingly the Online community for this game is still active, which is unheard for a 4 year old game based on a movie. It offers a nice variations of modes as well of some of the more common ones like Team Deathmatch, Versus, and Territory control modes. Golden Gun, is a mode where 8-players duke it out to retrieve the all powerful golden gun, which kill players in one hit. Even though you can kill, with your normal weapon in this mode, golden gun kills actually raise your score and the more you own it the quicker you are to victory.

There are also some modes that allow you to play as Bond himself. In Bond versus, it's Bond versus seven other players. Here you have two lives, while your opponents have only one and it's your job to eliminate the opposition or defuse two of the three bombs littered throughout the level. In Bond evasion you must escort Bond to evac zone before the other team kills him. These modes leave you with some intense, nerve racking moments especially if you're playing as Bond, which is chosen by random when each round starts.

To give the multiplayer some more longevity, you are rewarded credits depending on your performance at the end of each match. Credits can be used in the store where you can buy Different Weapons, attachments and gadgets. Gadgets work like perks from the Call of Duty series and offer different bonuses such as more ammo, health or damage. You can make 6 different loadouts, Choosing which weapon, grenade and gadgets you want to use for your custom classes. Of course newcomers will be a great disadvantage against players who have some of the more powerful weapons available, but the starting classes aren't horrendous and allow new players a fighting chance against seasoned players.

The game is surprisingly good for the source material that it is trying to convey. Multiplayer is where the game really shines. If it weren't for the game's Ridiculously short campaign, I would recommend it more, but Quantum of Solace still does enough to warrant a purchase even with these few problems.