this game has some flaws but the really good campaign and a great multiplayer so you can forgive the short campaign.

User Rating: 8 | 007: Quantum of Solace X360
to start with this game is really good if not great but when you she how short the campaign is you are kind of dissapointed. its a bit longer then the 2 movies combined it has quick time events but they are minor in the game. but lets take the good and the bad.

the good.

awesome multiplayer: a really good campaign with the 2 movies combined: cool looking takedown moves: a really god AI: uses the call of duty 4 engine:in multiplayer you dont have to unlock gadgets/weapens/exc. in order as you go:

the bad

short campaign: there is enough scenes from the movies they easely couldt have taken in the game: some minor flaws: when coming up to higher diffculties (example agent or 007) the controls can feel broken in quick time events sometime before you get use to it.

well thats the good and the bad

overall the game is short but hey call of duty 4 was also right so if you are tired to play cod 4 and want to play something like that and if you dont have modern warfare 2 then you should tjek it out its a great game