Quantum of Solace is a great choice for anyone with adrenaline, but it suffers from the same cons as its predecessors.

User Rating: 8 | 007: Quantum of Solace X360
"The name's Bond. James Bond." It seems that whenever this popular franchise is mentioned, that phrase comes up. And then there's the BOOM! And RATATATTAT. Followed by close calls with death and torture. That's James Bond in a nutshell.

The James Bond video games are never really mentioned like the movies or the books are. But that doesn't mean they are horrible.

Quantum of Solace can be considered a movie tie-in, but many may argue that, like the other games, is its own kind of video game. Anyhow, this is a good game, for the most part.

The story starts off with a wealthy weapon salesman (not Tony Stark) who just happens to be supporting bad dudes, who are out to take over the world. Sound familiar? Well, it should. You can sum up the story like this: It sucks.

Still, that doesn't overshadow excellent voice acting*, impressive graphics, and occasionally awesome action. (*For any of those who are wondering, Daniel Craig does voice Bond in this game).

So, in a whole, Quantum of Solace is a very good game that, despite having many of the same problems as its predecessors, should still be considered a buy, as long as you have an adrenaline rush.