It's a complete fail as a sequel but nobody wanted to see that truth.

User Rating: 7.6 | Quake II PC
In late 1997 this game came out, many had waited for it after they had played through the first Quake. Many would expect something of a carnage, something special. But this is what came out. This formed the Internet gaming life we are used to see today. This is Quake 2 but not Quake. It's a complete fail as a sequel but nobody wanted to see that truth, they would rather look at it as perfect, as awesome. But of course, what was new in it? What in it made the Internet gaming so good?, sure it had it's pros but it also had heavy cons as well. To talk about a few of them; Singleplayer This time you fight androids, robots, monster robots. Why? Why did they just not use the same kind of scheme as Quake had? Many say, "whatever, what does that matter" To start off with, it matters as much as a screen does for you to know what you do on the computer. Once singleplayer made a bigger deal than everything else, if a game could not succeed at singleplayer it can therefore not succeed as a game, as a final product. But people did not care about the fact that the singleplayer mode lacked from several flaws. I still believe that a failing single player mode is not acceptable. Singleplayer is like a story but multiplayer is mostly only about killing. Graphics. It sure is an improve of the first game but is it much of an improve for being a second game? is it much of an improve when it in fact was old even when it came out? Quake 2 still had much limitations and based much of the graphics on poor blurryness, poor textures, poor skins. If they had improved Quake in detail rather than making crappy new textures, poor monsters and so, it could have been so much better. Make no misstake, it’s decent for it’s time but it is not compareable visually to a game such as Unreal which was only realesed some month later after Quake 2. Don’t forget that it was after all released in late 1997, and not early. Sounds It does what it does, it follows the first Quake kind of sounds and for the time of the releasing of Quake 2 it was quite dated. But it still works out okay, not great but okay. Overall this is a very hyped game, and if they had made it a Quake 2 instead of using the same kind of sounds and poor scheme it would have scored better. So the Overall score hits 7.6/10