Quake 4 is a very good game, but boring enemies and an almost empty multiplayer are just some of the cons.

User Rating: 7.5 | Quake 4 MAC
Pros- Good graphics, 31 mission storyline, lots of weapons. Cons- Almost empty multiplayer, very short and easy. Some glitches. Welcome to Stroggus, a planet filled with vast canyons, freezing areas, and barbaric weaponry. The aliens that dwell on this planet are called the Strogg, barbaric creatures that despise humanity. Sounds like a pretty good start, right?rnMaybe. Let's see how Quake 4 holds up, shall we?rnrnGraphics-rnrnFor the time it came out, it was stunning, and Aspyr's port to the Mac still gives it the quality it's always had. Graphics may be a little dated, but you can still enjoy how they look. Character animations could be a bit better, but nothing beats the sheer awe of Strogg ships sailing over you, on a war-torn battleground. However, get ready for some of the goriest sequences in a game you'll see to date. Legs are sawed off, and some tubes pour out blood in certain levels; the graphics may be a little dated, but this still has an effect.rnrnGameplay- Boring, repetitive enemies. That's really all I can say about them. The basic Strogg just jump around and yell, while the others just shoot rockets; nothing really, truly, impressive, but you can make up for it with the weapons. The weapons are really just awesome; there are many of them, and the ways you can use them to obliterate your enemies is really quite fun to do. Very gory sequences in this game, but it's manageable. There are many places to fight, such as the open canyon, the hallways, medical facilities, and waste processing units. The level, "Strogg Medical Facilities," is the goriest, so be careful. The gameplay itself, aside from the gore, is pretty good. While the enemies may be repetitive, you can drive a hover-tank, take the battle to the Strogg with a Mech armed with rocket launchers, and other epic environments. There's no doubt about it; for the price, the actual span of the gameplay is fun. The story may be a little dull, but there's one major plot twist that's just a great change to the game.rnrnMultiplayer- Great, simply great. The multiplayer is really great. Yeah. At least, it would be if it wasn't so empty. From what I've played, it's really fun. However, you'll only get a couple of games going a day; this goes for ALL systems.rnrnGlitches- Some enemies may, very rarely, get stuck in walls. Cheats very rarely mess up the game, but you may have to enter, and then re-enter, a cheat code if it gets you stuck somewhere.rnrnFinal Verdict-rnrnWhile fun, exciting, and pretty much replayable, this game suffers from an almost empty multiplayer, boring enemies, slightly boring storyline, and only slightly dated graphics. However, Quake 4, with all its faults, is still a worthy buy.rnrnrn