If not for a sloppy port could have been a classic.

User Rating: 8 | Quake 4 X360
Started playing this game cynically for reasons including it's level design looking too much like Doom 3s, wooden characters, the fact that it was seemingly trying to create a real world based on Quake 2's wackiness.

I was surprised when I started to enjoy this game so much. It has a very good single player as long as you play it on Lieutenant. Way too easy on "Normal"(Private)

There isn't anything new and amazing here but a strong array of weapons nodding to Quake 1&2 with satisfying noises and redesigned enemies who are great to blow apart make everything gel together. You do have squad mates that actually work unlike in Halo games. Another thing from Halo games they've tried but doesn't work is the vehicle scenes which feel plastic and bolted on.

Quake 4 can be found everywhere at bargain bin prices and there's a simple reason for that.... and it's that the jokers that ported it over to the 360 must of been drunk. It isn't optimized for console gaming and it shows, if there's more than three missiles in the air at once the game crawls to turtle speeds. When you think some games with better graphics run a smooth 60 Frames a second on 360 it makes me want to eat my own head with rage. Could of been great but isn't because of a lazy port.