Quake 4 OnPC is a superb game ,,didnot reeinvent the weel and choose its own destiny while remained true and intact t -q

User Rating: 8 | Quake 4 PC
hey hello there ;) ,,

Its Quake 4 bab** ,,its time to kick a** a ch ,b,g, ,,, ehm! anyway,,

uber super quake 4 which is filled with all sorts of funky azztastic action

do not quite reinvent the weel here,, but it does allot of things right and some not so great and or bad ,,,,..

the game is great in some many ways,,when u pull out all the triggers,,but ultimately in the end,,the game leaves a bunch of mixed tastes in my mouth ,,

-- story is pretty awesome to play and also multiplayer ,,,

but it may be too straightforward at times,,but it seems to be lacking two things , :,,singelplayer are somewhat repetative but all in all pretty good,,but the underlying graphics and textures perforamnce do not make quake gamers too happy ,, as quake 3 was quite smooth compared ,,though all the new effects in quake 4 are more breathtaking and pretty awesome to watch compared to fancy quake 3,, quake 4 graphics is also a blast,,but with the graphical performances quake4 is left of somewhat sloppy,,choppy,,framerate issues,,though quake runst much better than the xbox version,,its still not too impressive quake4 either on pc,,but muchmuch better,, brilliant art designs yes,,but not all quake 4 weapons do same amount of damage,,and not all are equally fun to shoot with,,with that said though ,,quake4 still superb,,but when quake 4 came out,,it did not quite reinvent the weell,,though some elements of quake 4 are pretty suberb and well enough put togheter,,its somewhat revoultinary to quake 3 and that is a fact and pretty good acchivems,,but not all attempts succeeds,,,like multiplayer,,because singelplayer suffers from,,i dont knoow a disease ,,

for one is the lack of polish ,,and textures and graphics are pretty bland ,,, and yes there are bugs in the game ,,and game can take sume time to finish,,singelplayer ,,some moments in singelplayer do not come off right and or are poorly done ,,cya;) ,, die alot ,,,whatnot ,,hehe ,,but ,, ..

and also lack of online support and whatnot ,,also In General, it lacks support ,, ,,is not a smile on my face ,,maybe quakers wasnt too happy playing quake 4 after quake 3,,its almost the same multiplayer -wise but was not quite the same on its own terms,,quake4 changed things in alot of ways at the same time remains the quake--feel intact

-- i recomend playing this for the nostolgia and hard-core fan--ness ,,and also if
u like an awesome game which is more fun too look and than to play,,though to play is also fun;)) ;D

so all in all,,half of quake 4 is revoultinary (and something new) (compared to other quake games),,and the other half is not ,,and could use some more polish ,,i'm not the one to ask why quake 4's multiplayer was put to rest so quickly i cannot answer that,,cuz i'm wondering myself ;;

gl kaptain ;))

all maps are fantastic ,,very much are fantstic i nthis game,,though underinspired,,, or under-aprriciated ,,though ,,good old''klassic maps are back ,,new maps arent the best but good enough;) ;pp ;D

see ya on the moon,,just kidding --

i'll see u marine ,,...

see ya in quake 5-- maybe ? ;p

over and out ~~