Sloppyframerate and badonline is almost the onlything aboutthis portthatmakesme cry.frameratemakesthis gamehardalmostbad

User Rating: 7 | Quake 4 X360

how much players can play at the same time,,online;) hwat are efforts to keep online alive for xbox,,none =) ;) no updates,,no nothing,,just like doom3 ;p ,,,,anyway ,,.

the online should have been dealt with better - should have had everything like in the pc version
- should not have framerate issues,,should have made cool online modes which are only on the xbox not pc..pc version should have had modes not like the ones on the xbox..8wishlist):P
-- should have had more support the xbox version,,like updates etcetc,graphical updates and also other updates for the brilliant ****

- the singleplayer is also somewhat diaapointing considering it has framerate issues common.1 time my xbox freezed,,what?! can only have max 8 ppls playing online at the same time,,its a shame;p,,the overall idea of not even a room or any decent options when playing online,,because in the end the online is somewhat shallow and dissapointing;p,,i still have fun with online,,and im not that much of a complainer,,crybaby,,but it was shallow and dissapointing the online,,i stand for that

-- other that all this:

Beaituful game,,nice use of colors and weapons,,enjoyable singleplayer(story)
--the weappons play so nice,,all so nice to look at,,at the same time everything feels a little cheap..dontknowwhy

still a good game,,,we ca nstill play togheter and online

wanna play with me over coffee? - n'why was the xbox version alsmot idectially to the pc version,,just worse,,comon


ps: this game is like watching csi miami,,then u know u want it. after awhile u want to put your head under water for awhile and think,,is this i playing a game that looks like csi miami=)