The same formula still goes well

User Rating: 8 | Quake 4 PC
Quake 4 is a great game which continues the story from Quake 2.
You will be Matthew Kane and with the help of the squads you must destroy the strogg, as I said the game is a continuation from Quake 2 so that means the Makkron is dead....
The formula is the same, you must do objectives, kill stroggs and help your pals. There are alot of guns and shooting all the mean guys is great just like the old times.
Graphics are good, the places are from dark to some stinky and evil places where stroggs do experiment on hapless humans.
Multiplayer on the other hand is not the best of ID, the formula from Quake 3 is brought to this game but for reason it doesnt go well.
Quake 4 has some good single player experiences and multiplayer is ok but dont expect to be addicted to it like when you played Quake 3.