Worth a try if you are a Quake fan or just want wish to while away time.

User Rating: 7 | Quake 4 PC
Ever since I had happened to come across the Quake universe I yearned for this game. Unfortunately, this game has been a complete disappointment even though it may have a few commendable features.

I have just one word to define the gameplay- bland. It is very repetitive. Every level in the game is deja vu. The objectives are mostly focused on providing an intense yet boring "gun-play"; either you go kill something or assist your squad.

The one thing I must admit, though, is that this game has good graphics, if you excuse the cut-scenes. The environment indicates a very intricate atmosphere, very proximal to a planet, which inhabits gruesome yet intelligent species. Albeit, the stroggs do look grotesque.

The action-packed atmosphere stands out from many other such alien-based games. I must say, that sometimes the atmosphere becomes an invitation to continue playing, alluding to an entertaining game. But that is pretty much it, only "alluding" never "offering". I forgot to mention that our "beloved Kane" seems to like being surrounded by aliens or being mocked at without even uttering a single word.

The multiplayer is a blast. If you have your friends around, you can pass away time without being bored. Also, the game still attracts some players, so you'll find quite a few people on the multiplayer.

My final verdict is, if you're looking for a game to while away time or are just interested in the Quake series, this game may suit your needs.