good game with awsome graphics

User Rating: 8.5 | Quake 4 PC
mabey not for the first time fps players but we all gotta start somewhere,This is a very competative game awesome and very addictive.There are good and bad points some people with newer gpu's mabey have some issues, but there are ways around them =0). im sure if you try it and give it a chance you most probably love this,its a fast sho0ter on multiplayer and single player is also great fun i prefer multiplayer (thats just an oppinion =0)) but single is good and definitly worth playing by all means!!! so please give a try play online and get involved =0),just a few more things the guns are very good ,shotgun,bfg,rails still hehe ,rocketlauncher,machinegun =0( ,plasma gun, so some good weapons to look out for and not too mention some good mode and mods which people put alot of great efforts so people can have more fun =0) mabey try downloading a few mods from GAMESPOT =0p and see how that feels as there are many modes im sure you will find one right for you