I thought Quake 4 would be disappointing,but it appears to be a great game.

User Rating: 8 | Quake 4 PC
OFC Quake 2 is better then Quake 4 but Quake 4 appears to be another great ID game.

Quake 4 has awesome graphics that can even compare to some newer games these days.That only shows how ID's engine was among others when it was released.
-Graphics 9/10-

Even tho the graphics are great this game has no replay value which isn't a big bonus.You will pass this game once or two times and then it will become boring and old.Difficulty is pretty hard which is good since the game has no replay value.This game could be harder tho.For experienced PC FPS gamers the difficulty of the game would be just right.
-Difficulty 6/10-

Controls are great and smooth.No mistakes here.
-Controls 10/10-

The game soundtrack and the credit soundtrack are lame and boring.Nothing like the Doom 3 theme.Gun sounds are great and the ambience is a beut (:
-Sounds 8/10-

Quake 4 has a great multiplayer like other quake games.They wanted to make it fast as they made fast the other ones in the past.Multiplayer was a success but there are not much players online.
-Multiplayer 8/10-