Tired, same old same old. Packaged with a game that doesn't hold up to time very well.

User Rating: 5 | Quake 4 PC
Quake 4 is nothing special. Not inventive gameplay, not good graphics, and no good story. Not that it doesn't have it's charm. It's a great, quick time waster, but there is no substance. Packaging it with Quake 2 isn't really a good reason to buy this either. 4 is actually better than 2. 2 has not aged very well and 4 beats it in every fashion. Basically, if you love glitchy, crackhead sensitivity, no story FPS games then this is for you. It looks like it belongs on the PS2 or original Xbox rather than a next gen console. I only started playing it because I got it for free from a friend and I was incredibly bored today. I blew through the first half on the game in no time and was just wishing I could skip all the little cut scenes. This game is already dated on it's own console. Not sure why id even bothered to make it. Do not bother wasting actual money on it.