I started playing this game at 6 and im 14 and i still play it. I remember playing this game LAN with my dad. good times

User Rating: 9 | Quake 4 PC
Quake 4, has a great story, taking place from where quake 2 left off, the visuals on this game are very well done from raven software, Easily within the the top 15 games of the 2000's, When i first played this game the day it was released on PC I was instantly hooked, They way the weapons were, the sounds, the excitement of finishing each level and continuing on wondering whats gonna happen the next level really excited me and everyday I played this game until i finished it. My rate for this game by each criteria: 9.5 Graphics, 7.5 multiplayer, 8.0 Physics, and a 10.0 on story. Overall rating 9.5. This is a game I would really recommend to someone that loves First Person Shooters and like classic deathmatch and a fearful story throughout the game. I personally have spent more than 100 hours playing this game and because of the excellent gameplay, I have played the story over and over about 15 times, the story does not get old but actually more fun as you replay because you dont get lost as much and you know what to do, and you die less.