Well, if u loved DOOM 3 u will probably enjoy this one

User Rating: 9 | Quake 4 PC
Gameplay : Something we could expect from id. Moving through facilities, witch are great designed, and fighting u'r way through waves of Stroggs . Well in one word, fun. With great and creatively designed weapons walk around and kill all. I mean it is really enjoying when moving through blood bathed halls and killing Stroggs. Just lot of ammo, lot of shooting, and don't stop.Now, cool thing is that u will drive a few different vehicles in u'r missions. And those missions will be in u'r memory for long time. It's great. Through game u will fight cool bosses (witch isn't hard at all,actually very easy) and that is extended fun. Well gameplay is great (but still Doom 3 is better, witch is expected)

Graphic : Quake 4 works on Doom 3 engine (or id Tech 4, whatever u like to call it). That means that graphic is great. Good character and enemy models, rly precisely done. Level design is very well done ( I like The Strogg Medical Facilities most). Well that's about it,not much to tell, it's same like Doom 3

Sound : Nice work. Good Strogg voices (but,I don't want to have that voice), pretty good weapon, and explosion sound.Nice surrounding sound, and friendly radio is something that I loved to hear.In battle, when hear Strogg calling, and friendly chatting, that will make the u feel like in real combat.

Now, it still isn't Doom 3 but u should try it