great story but very hard to play

User Rating: 8 | Quake 4 PC
-the game has good graphics, u can selecet between 4 qualities low, medium, high, and ultra high
-sound is great
bombs going off in the distance, aerial bombardments, gunfire, It's a ton of war sounds, it helps keep the adrenaline flowing
-verly long gameplay and very hard
for example u play 6 houres on easy and u are done 1/4 of whole game
-multiplayer is fun u pick up different weapons and have different mods like in most other fps game
your squad, good fighters, they take cover and cover each other, if u do not know the way just follow your squad, they know the way
enemy, they will impress u, they take cover and try to outflank u

-no melee atacks and grenades but u can use a grenade launcher
-to dark, of cours u have flashlight but on weakest weapons only
-cut scenes are a little unnecessary, becasue u can do it with in-game dialogue too

if u are looking for good fps with a decent story, then take quake 4.