They dont make more games like this...

User Rating: 10 | I Love Donald Duck: Guruzia Ou no Hihou GEN
Quackshot was a great game from my childhood. Everything on it is amazing: the variety of levels, the music, the gameplay etc...
This game was very addicting, but i never finished it when i was a kid. A few years later, i connected my mega drive again and finally
cleared it.
Its just sad to see that they don't make more likes like this. I mean, these games, the oldies, are just spectacular.
Quackshot had it all really, so much that is in my top 5 games of all time.

But lets see what is this game about. Basically, it has several indiana jones elements on it, and its humorous sometimes. You main gun is a plunger (yes) that can be upgraded when you advance in the game. Your other weapons are a corn shooter and a bubblegum gun. Wicked!
You them travel in amazing levels and try to solve some puzzles in order to unlock other areas. The variety of enemies is great and the music is memorable. The only thing that bugs me, is the lack of bosses, i mean, there could be more, but well, i cant ask much of this.

Quackshot deserves clearly a 10.

Im surprised they never made a sequel of this, has this game is much better them castle of illusion.