You don't always need a story to enjoy a game.

User Rating: 8 | Q.U.B.E. PC
And here we go again; Gamespot wants to make an excuse that the game could be better if it had character/story development like (Yawn) Valve's Portal. Well, pardon me for trying to remind that the word 'Indie' is not a synonym for 'AA'. This game was developed with the use of Unreal Engine 3, something that many "ordinary" people have acquired now. You can't instantly expect Hollywood Voice-actors to jump right in and do another cliché tough-guy hero, or a humorously frightened and unsure protagonist. Making games or movies is no easy task so call me crazy if you like for my being one of the more "lenient" reviewers, but games like this don't come around often so you shouldn't just take them for granted.

Yes, I do like some story; it always keeps you on the edge of your seat. But it does have a tendency to spoil the experience, making you want more than you've already got. Just look at Portal 1: It was so short that it was a letdown for gamers, plot and characters that were so promising, but the sudden ending couldn't bring some people to replay out of disappointment. Sometimes you just got to remember that this is a game, and not every game needs a story to be interesting and fun, because story is not the biggest point. Story is the biggest point for novels, while gameplay is for games.

It definitely does bring a lot less to say about it though. The actual setting has you in white test chambers, and you must sort out cube-based puzzles to get across to the next stage. It is hard to tell what you are because all you ever get to see of yourself (so far, as I haven't completed it yet) are some black/white gloves as you press the 'action' button to extend or lessen the cubes within the walls and floors. The game is mostly a test of your patience and logic as cubes are just the tip of the iceberg. As you go further, not only do the puzzles naturally get harder, but they also become stranger. Some parts will include a rolling ball and require some timing of triggering cub blockades and curves just to name one example. Accompanied by this is a moody ambience, which although simple gives you a very interesting 'feeling of the unknown'.

I would only make this review longer if I wished to spoil any of the tasks presented to you along the way. The game is really a technically-modern title with an old-school premise of constant puzzles without anything more. Nevertheless, they are brilliantly designed, and have 10 times more variety than any Valve game I have played. It's definitely the kind of game you will only play once, unless you feel bored and want to show bits to your friends and/or test their skill. Nonetheless, the low price and it's dazzling image of the brilliant potential of Indie development definitely makes this a title you must check out sooner or later.