Flubbed unfortunately

User Rating: 6 | Puzzle Quest: Galactrix PC
Like many others here I loved Puzzle Quest. That game had one notable flaw in that later in the game you had spells that could radically change the board in _one_ move. It made the strategic aspect of the game sort of null and void. But it was a fun game anyway.

This time the gameplay becomes too dependent on luck. There's some casual gamers who might not mind games based on luck. But gamers like myself want to be able to think and plan in a strategy game! Galactrix's main game is fine enough but virtually all of the mini-games are far far too dependent on new gems going you way, or you simply have no chance of winning the board. Its lame. You will frown.

The main board of Galactrix has the same flaw that puzzle quest had. That is, later on you will have the ability to change the gems on the board in radical ways in one move. Doing that is often that only "strategy" to defeat the AI, which is VERY smart about triggering massive combos.

Honestly, I want to give this game a 7 but it really deserves a 6. There are just too many flaws that take the fun factor down.