An engaging puzzle game with enough RPG elements to give it some worthwile substance.

User Rating: 7 | Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords DS
After years of playing on and off, I have come to the end of my time with Puzzle Quest. This mix of a gem puzzle game with an RPG was very pleasant surprise that just seems to hit all the right chords. It has been fun to play in short burst from time to time, and often became quite addictive. It has a broader appeal for both puzzle fans and RPG fans. The puzzles range from battles with different creatures and enemies to seizing cities, crafting items, training a variety of mounts, and learning new spells. This diversity in tasks and slight variations of puzzle types has really added a lot to the experience. Though, over time the story really started to become rather stale, it was still nice to have it there to link everything you were doing together. But now, after completing the main quest and laying siege to all the cities, I am now finished.