Who knew Puzzle Rpg could be this good!! it will test you Bejewel Skills to the MAX!!

User Rating: 8.5 | Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords PSP
First of all this is a very good game, Very Very Challenging it will test you Bejewel Skills to the MAX!! yet the story is good, it also has a good sense of humor to it ,but some are just corny, there is a weapon creator system,Mounts and you can capture creatures and get their skills but you might have guess it all of this has a puzzle you must complete to get these stuff, the graphics is nice,The controls are easy.

"when you play this game for more than 4 hrs your gonna feel like a Zombie"

1.Good Graphics
2.Rpg elements
3.Its got Humor
4.Good concept
5.No fights are ever the same
6.Fun characters
7.You can increase your stats as you level up
8.Fun side quests

1.Your chances of winning are random
2.Very Hard Bosses
3.Hard fights with normal creatures
4.AI is very goood in a bad way ><
5.Random loadings to change the Background Music