Highly addictive, which will keep you wanting more and more!

User Rating: 9.5 | Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords DS
I got introduced to this game by a work colleague, and at first it seemed a little boring. However, after an hour or so of playing i was convinced of their opinions. I have almost completed this game now (i think), but even though i am looking forward to completing it, i probably will still play it, as there are different types of characters, with different abilities to play the game with. One thing about this game is that i am sure it hates me! Have you ever played a game and thought that it always cheats? well this is that game! The computer always seems to get "lucky" with the gems and the skulls that do damage.

Regardless of this i still love this game, when i go to sleep at night i am sure i dream of the playing screen and see the skulls in my mind!

The downside of this game is that i always want to play it, all the time. I get determined to beat a boss that may have got one over on me the day/night before.!