Great game, lost so much time playing this puzzle game and get RPG as well!

User Rating: 9 | Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords X360
I love to play puzzle games and this one adds the extra dimension that you play again someone, plus some extras from the RPG element of the game. The game involves you going from city to city talking and listening to people and collecting quests which you then must complete. On these quests you are then attacked and must fight via the puzzle to complete the quest. The games is very like bejeweled but you are competing with someone (taking it in turns) – Great idea! The game is a little light on the graphics but you are not playing the game for this but for the puzzles and the exploring. Have not explored all the game and features yet but this just makes me want to play it more!

Great game would highly recommend it to anyone that likes puzzle games like bejeweled. At least it does not have the annoying music!