I know what you're thinking, "it's just puzzles!" but trust me, you'll love it.

User Rating: 9 | Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords X360
In a time of remakes of retro classics, and long living franchises that just won't die, it's nice to see a game that pushes the envolope. But who thought it would be come from XBLA?

Puzzle Quest does more then push the envelope. It's as if Bejeweled broke out of its envelope and broke into the Final Fantasy/Boulder's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 envelope and it gave birth to Puzzle Quest.

The basic idea of the game is Bejeweled but deeper. Every "gem" has a purpose, the four gems colored red, green, yellow, and blue are all "mana" gems. Align them up and you'll recieve that color mana for using spells against your opponent, to heal you, or to get another turn. The other "gems" are gold (aligning 3 gives you additional money to spend at the shop or citadel), purple (giving you bonus XP), and skulls, which do damage to your opponent every time they are aligned. The result of the concept is not simply aligning gems to get points. You must align the skulls to do damage to the enemy, align the specific mana gems you need to cast spells, or even align the mana gems your enemy needs to keep him from casting spells on you. Align 4 of a kind and get an extra turn, 5 of a kind you get another turn and a wild card, which can be used as any color mana gem.

The story mode of the game lets you choose from 3 classes which all have different spells and special abilities. It then puts you in a long campaign that actually has a plot that is decent enough to keep you reading the text dialogue between characters. You'll travel the ever-expanding map picking up the story quests (which push the campaign along) as well as side quests which can give you extra XP, gold, and even items. The monsters you'll battle have different abilities and spells that are very imaginative and can even be used by yourself if you capture the monster and place them in your citadel. The story mode is just long enough, and lets you level your character, adding spells and letting you put points into the skills of your choice which have a number of benefits ranging from a chance to get an extra turn to increasing your hit points.

All the game has to offer and they even let you play against a friend on XBox Live or on the same console. The same character you built up to level 20 can be used against another player and all the XP and gold you get from the match goes to your character which you can take back into story mode.

Puzzle Quest is a fantastic idea of mixing genres and comes with so much more packed into it then the price suggests. If you have ever played Bejeweled more then 5 minutes or are a fan of simple RPGs get this game, you will love it.

Good: Whole new type of game, very high replayability, fun to play with friends, SO much bang for your buck.

Bad: Some high difficulty areas of enemies with high HP, Hard to play a fair game with a friend when your character is 15 levels higher then theirs, an annoying default "hint arrow" that can be removed in the options screen.