This is the kind of game that you cant help but find absolutely addicting, and you will want to play again and again.

User Rating: 9.5 | Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords PSP
Puzzle Quest is a fine example of how a simple, run of the mill game design can be flipped around and morphed into an addicting and enjoyable experience. This great Puzzle RPG is a mix between an RPG and tetris, and trust me, it works out great. Read the full review bellow for details.

Story: The story of puzzle quest isnt exactly ground breaking, but at times it can provide some interesting decision making, and amusing anecdotes. You play as a pretty non-important character, until you are asked to run some errands for the big-wigs in the main castle of the world. As you move around, you start to find that people all over have problems they want you to solve, and off you will go, defeating foes, saving civilians, and building your powers while working towards the goal of taking out the ultimate bad guy. The great part is that there actually are decisions in the game, which wont exactly durastically alter the story, but they will give you some different outcomes in the smaller sub-plots.

Gameplay: As I said before, you are mixing a classic RPG style with tetris, and it turns into a fantastic and addicting experience. Your goal is to line up three or more similar icons on the grid to gain the effect of those icon. Most will give you different types of mana, which you will then use to cast spells, but there are also money icons, extra experience icons, and even skulls, which deal direct damage to your opponent. The goal is to bash away your opponents life before they do the same to you. Your strategy will shift based on the enemy you face, and trust me, there are plenty of them. Later in the game, you can even capture beast foes to serve as your mount, giving you special combat bonuses, and you can lock other foes away in your dungeon and glean useful spells from them. There are several different character classes to choose from, and each one plays differently, meaning a great deal of replayability. Trust me, its hard not to love the gameplay in Puzzle Quest.

Sound: The sound in this game is pretty good, even though there is a lack of voice acting, and no cutscenes at all. The music is generally decent, and will vary based on standard enemies or boss battles (which by the way, are usually pretty difficult). Each battlefield event will have its own unique sound, and they are pretty good. All in all, the sound in PQ cant be faulted, but it isnt exactly amazing.

Overall: This is the kind of game that you really wish was more publicized, since it is better than a lot of the big name titles out there. You will grow addicted to this game, and want to play it over and over just for the different spells and characters. Trust me when I tell you, that this game takes a long time to get old. While sometimes it feels that the gameplay relies a little to heavily on luck, its not hard to overlook that and enjoy the great fun that is Puzzle Quest.