A Puzzle Game that makes Tetris and all that follow extinct.

User Rating: 9 | Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords PS2
Puzzle Quest Challenge of The Warlords is a great breakthrough in the puzzle world. It brings puzzles and RPG together. It has an addicting charm to it and it is quite a challenging game to complete. The story of Puzzle Quest is that the dead has risen from the grave and now your kingdom and many others are in great peril. You must defend your kingdom from the evils to come and the dreaded Lord Bane. Graphically Puzzle Quest has not much to offer. For a puzzle game you really cannot add much graphics to it but D3 has made a twist to their masterpiece. D3 created a story mode with a MAP. Here you move a cursor around to where you want your SIM to move. During the game you get quests for certain places on the map. As you complete these like an MMORPG you recieve gold and experience when you beat a quest . Throughout Puzzle Quest the gold you earn can buy you weapons,armor,or you can upgrade something called your "Citadel" here you can train mounts , research spells and many more things. If your are not much of a puzzle fan I recommend you at least rent to try. But if your a hard core Tetris player maybe Puzzle Quest could be an experience to remember!