GREAT game but sadly its short

User Rating: 8.5 | Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords MOBI
The game has great game play and unique fighting style which is like bejewled and you fight using gems, but the plot isn't that interesting and the game was really short and the fighting makes no sence when you have to fight the same guy 3 times just to get to the "boss".... you start off by selecting your guy or girl and the old guy teaches you how to play, and he leads you into the main quest which isn't very exciting and i really should be longer... It was good how you could rank up and use points to make you guy/girl have better moral, cunning, and other stuff like that. So overall it is a good game and i would not regret getting it, even though i would rather have bejewled, this game was good just short, and when you beat the game it dosen't let you play it again, you have to start over