More addictive than WOW (for me)

User Rating: 9.5 | Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords X360
Brilliant concept, combining RPG and puzzle battles. It's story is a bit standard but makes it al the more tasty to consume. It has a qeust based single player that rolls you thru the story. Finished the main qeust on the PC and the DS and still bought it on X-box live. I seriously can't stop playing. Local multi-player against my (This girl is a puzzle wiz) girlfriend is so much fun we hardly "go to bed" anymore. The only reason I don't give this game a 10 is that the online crowd is thin and with different levels people are hesitant to fight each other. Still on-line matches are fun and engaging. In single player there might be a small irritable thing. Like random encounters that pop up so much it can take up much time to get from one point to another on the map. For me this is no problem (I don't mind a bunch of extra enemy's) but I imagine some might find that a bit boring and/or frustrating. Furthermore the voice acting (almost none existant) is terrible. Dialogues are good but a few of them (Explaining between major events with a voice) are down right laughable. But none the less. This game is great. It has everything you to keep you busy for hour. Also it's price is nice (Except on the DS that was over-priced to my opinion). A sure dowload for anyone who like either RPG's or Puzzle games. You will not be disappointed.