User Rating: 6.5 | Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords PSP
I've recently hit a severe absence of good PsP games, so I bought this one on high recomendation, and heavily regret it.... Puzzle Quest is certainly not a bad perse... But it carries an undaunting string of negatives which greatly overshadow the good.

My largest complaint is one I have frequently experienced from my begining puzzles, to the later skirmishes.... The puzzle AI frequently seems inspired to f*ck with the player. All to often I have stared in sheer disbelief as my ogre opponent destroys a column of mana, only to be graced with four consecutive skulls, which deal extra damage to the player, as well as grant the ogre another turn.... Are you f*cking serious? Call me skeptical, but I have difficulty processing each miracle my opponents receives, just because the falling blocks seem to share a severe dislike of me.... I can honestly say that I would never have progressed through this game without the special attacks linked to the Rpg element of the game.

The Rpg elements are linked to the class the player chooses as the character is crafted. Different classes posses different fighting methods, in the sense that certain classes collect specific mana easier, or can hold a higher amount of mana, which is utilized to execute a special move, which can deal a colossal amount of damage, or some other effect. While this may sound intriguing, this aspect is very shallow, offering little choices in leveling up. Despite the fatal flaws Puzzle Quest supports, the gameplay prides itself for being very addicting, despite incrdibly difficult at times. The player is allowed various equipment to add to their character, which hold a menial effect in battle, depending on your weapon.

Combat is designed much like a game of bejeweled, in which one must match rows of three or more on a colorful grid, in order to gain mana, gold, attacks, or experience. This battle system is very cleverly designed, however does get stale and repetative over time.

Puzzle Quest combined some clever aspects with teeth-grinding frusteration, and (gasp) the combination doesn't work.
It seems after suffering defeat a dozen times to the same enemy, the game feels less like a difficult puzzle game, and more like a cruel joke....