thats bad..

User Rating: 1 | Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates PC
This is the worst game ive played. Who plays this othen says "java is my friend" or "yahoho!" thats sick, normal people don't say this. looks like they "forgot the world" and ill have to say "get a life"! playing this game just everything sucks! graphics-4.0, gameplay-4.5, sound-2.0 . there is only 3-6k players playing this game. Also this game works like "cigarette" or "alcohol" people playing this are othen sick or something. Puzzles really sucks! Dont play this game because its too works like "wanna go to casino win some money!" and what then? you got owned by this game! Failed at a life. I hate the graphics and sounds, graphics like failed shading and battles are not animated, just an icon above heads. People are trying to get rating to incredible and when they fail they just get angry and mad for hours