A simple and very addictive puzzle game, and maybe the best 3DS downloadable title yet.

User Rating: 8 | Pushmo 3DS
Pushmo is a simple premise -- push and pull different shaped blocks to climb high enough to free a child at the top of the sculpture. No timers. No bonuses for minimal moves. Just simple puzzling, but it's addictive. Despite the simple game mechanics, the puzzles can get pretty devious -- often, the solution is very simple and elegant, but the puzzles are set up to where you will want to overthink the solution... evil!

Yes, it's very simple, but it's just very well done -- your character is well animated, objects are colorful, but nothing is overdone. The music and sound effects are minimal, but just right. There are plenty of levels -- playing through all of them will take you around 15 hours or so, depending on how quickly you perform them, and there's just enough variety in puzzle layouts to keep you coming back.

Never have I had so little to say about a game, and yet... it's fun!

Probably the best downloadable 3DS exclusive yet in the Nintendo Shop.