A very addictive and creative puzzle game that has just the right amount of challenge.

User Rating: 9 | Pushmo 3DS
This game is a great example of what a puzzle game should be. The game consists of a very unique and creative puzzle structure, You must push and pull portions of a structure in order to create stairs, ladders, etc. in order to reach the top of the structure. As you complete more puzzles the game brings in near features, such as pipes to warp to another location, or a button that will immediately pull out all blocks that match the buttons color. However a description such as this does not really do the game justice. Upon first hearing about the game I was curious however I had my doubts. Once playing the game for a short time and seeing all of the possibilities that there are you realize that you can waste hours due to the fact that no 2 puzzles are really similar. Also, the game features a create mode where you can create puzzles of your own and then share them with friends via a code that can be scanned. This game should definitely be recommended to anyone that enjoys challenging and unique puzzles, or just gamers that enjoy a certain amount of charm.