Push and Pull

User Rating: 9.5 | Pushmo 3DS
This is one of the Dsi Ware best entries and one of my favorate puzzle games; who'd of thought pushing and pulling things could actually be fun.

Theres not a lot to say, with puzzle games it's hard to talk a great deal about them. The game is another addition to the puzzle platformer sub genere and it's a great one. Basically you simply get to point A and B by pushing and pulling things to create platforms; seems simple at first but like with all puzzles the fruther you get the tricker it gets.

I really love the use of the 3D element, it's utilized not so much as just a visual gimick but as a key to solving the puzzle. The platforms you pull or push consist of four dimentions and you have to figure out the right length for them depending on where there possitioned. But also the right order due to the differnet sizes and shapes of the platforms, design of the stages and their rate of chalange, but also the addition of the warp holes latter one which I felt were the best thing about the game, theres just something about transporting yourself from one place to another without climbing thats a lot of fun.

You can also create your own puzzles and send them online to friends to chalange them so that's a cool feature.

Other than that it's a great puzzle game worth your time. Pushimo will give your brain a good workout.