What does the The Moon Bear King/Little Bear really want?

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Just beat the game and listened to the seventh storybook. I don't know why, but it makes me sad to learn about the Little Bear......

According to the Little Bear story, the Little Bear takes the black moonstone and get's "enlightened" with knowledge. He relays this onto his 12 other friends in the castle and tells them they're all enslaved. Since they're all friends they break it out of the castle even though they were all happy being there with the Moon Goddess.

Then, at the end of the game after beating the Moon Bear King, the Moon Bear King says he didn't want the moon, he didn't want the moonstones, he wanted friends. In fact, he wanted to be friends to the bitter end with Kutaro.

So my question is, what did the Little Bear/Moon Bear King really want and what did the black moonstone do to him? Freedom or friendship? Personally I don't see how he wanted friends b/c he has 12 buddies with him in the castle and they were all very happy, but it doesn't make sense why they had their little revolution.